Suman Shrestha
Front End Developer / UX Developer


HeathWallace, Reading

At HeathWallace (digital agency) I have been fortunate to work on a variety of responsive web development projects, mainly for clients within the financial services (most of them big household banking names). The websites I have developed has a strong focus on user experience so I have picked up a very good understanding of what makes a good user experience and how that is achieved. Working with these clients has exposed me to a variety of cutting edge web technologies & techniques. My day-to-day activities mostly involve converting PSDs into interactive web pages, working closely with project managers and UX designers

Vodafone, UK, Newbury

I worked with team of project manager, UX designer, designer alongside mobile development team. We strictly follow web standard and Vodafone brand guideline. I involved with many big campaign so comfortable in fast pace development environments with maintainable and reusable code. Coding for the cutting edge web with progressive enhancement in mind with best tool available to speed up the development. I worked on a mobile site as well so very good at responsive or adaptive web development.

Yell, Reading

I worked with sales team to find out the client requirement and design as per the brief. After design approval build site in CMS. So my past experience with customize in house CMS and popular CMS like Wordpress, Drupal and Sitecore is very good. I have exerience working on digital environment managing my own time as well as in team


I am a passionate front end developer who care for clean, semantic, accessible and beautiful code. I am fortunate to work with many respected clients which gives me chance to use latest tools & technologies and the opportunity to learn about these gives me a good understanding of how to make the best use of the technology available.



HTML / HTML5, CSS / CSS3, Jquery/Javascript

Technical Areas

Responsive web development, CSS pre-processor (SASS/LESS), Grunt/Gulp, BEM Methodology, Bootstrap ( CSS Frameworks ), Modular CSS development, Accessibility, Semantic markup, Progressive enhancement, CMS (Wordpress, Druptal, Sitecore etc), Cross browser development, Version control, Adobe Photoshop

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